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Of course, you love pizza. But do you know how to make your own personal pizza the Roman way?

Let Glocalize Yourself connect you with professional pizza chefs who will teach you how to make your own authentic pizza with fresh, local ingredients. In the heart of Trastevere, one of Rome’s most charming and historic neighborhoods, you will find a unique cooking studio. This former architecture studio, now transformed into a culinary haven, offers an unforgettable pizza-making experience.

Trastevere is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere, characterized by winding cobblestone streets, colorful buildings draped in ivy, and an eclectic mix of cafes, restaurants, and artisan shops. The cooking studio, located within a historic building, exudes a unique blend of rustic charm and modern flair. As you step inside, you’re greeted by the inviting aroma of freshly baked bread and pizza dough, mingling with the scent of herbs and spices. The interior boasts architectural features such as exposed brick walls and high ceilings. Thoughtfully designed, the studio includes a spacious kitchen area equipped with state-of-the-art cooking appliances, workstations, and ample seating for participants. Decor accents inspired by Italian culinary traditions, reflecting a passion for food and culture.

Glocalize Yourself is proud to partner with the renowned Fabiolous Cookin Day team for this experience. Esteemed by prominent figures including Jeff Bezos, the Fabiolous Cookin Day team brings a wealth of experience and expertise, ensuring participants receive top-notch instruction and an unforgettable culinary journey. Their involvement adds a touch of prestige and assures the highest quality of the experience.

The pizza-making class offers an immersive and hands-on lesson where you will delve into the Italian tradition of preparing pizza dough from scratch. The skilled chefs will guide you through every step, sharing techniques and tips for making the best dough, and teaching you how to properly dress your pizza with the freshest ingredients. You’ll learn the secrets behind creating an authentic Roman pizza, from kneading the dough to achieving the perfect balance of toppings.

The experience isn’t just about making pizza; it’s about understanding the artistry and passion that goes into each creation. You’ll discover the importance of using fresh, local ingredients and how they contribute to the flavor and quality of the pizza. The chefs will also share their insights on the cultural significance of pizza in Italy, enriching your appreciation for this beloved dish.

After the engaging lesson, the culmination of your efforts will be celebrated with a delightful three-course meal. The dinner begins with appetizers, setting the stage for the main event: your handmade pizza. You’ll savor the satisfaction of enjoying a pizza crafted by your own hands, with every bite reflecting the skills and knowledge you’ve gained. The meal concludes with a delectable dessert, providing a sweet ending to a perfect evening. Throughout the dinner, you can enjoy water, wine, or a soft drink, complementing the flavors of your meal.

The cooking studio’s inviting ambiance and the vibrant surroundings of Trastevere enhance the overall experience. You may have the opportunity to relax, enjoying your culinary creations. This tranquil retreat provides a delightful contrast to the lively streets of Trastevere, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the moment.

Possible Program of the Event:

  • Arrival at the picturesque cooking studio in Trastevere
  • 90-minute Pizza-making lesson with expert chefs
  • Dinner featuring appetizers, your handmade pizza, and dessert
  • Refreshments including water, wine, or a soft drink

Join us for an unforgettable culinary adventure and savor the joy of creating and enjoying authentic Roman pizza. This experience offers more than just a cooking class; it’s an opportunity to connect with the heart of Italian culture and cuisine, guided by masters of the craft. Whether you’re a seasoned food enthusiast or a novice in the kitchen, the collaboration between Glocalize Yourself and Fabiolous Cookin Day guarantees an enriching and memorable experience.

Unless you are a pizza, the answer is yes, I can live without you.” – Bill Murray

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