The Arancina is a deep-fried in olive oil breaded ball (or cone) stuffed with rice, usually mixed with Ragù sauce, peas and cheese.

Fortunately, these are not the only types of arancina.
At Mondo Arancina we take pride in our homemade cooking, that is available in many different tastes, that get created by us, or adapted from famous pasta dishes, for example the famous Roman cacio e pepe, which is an assortment of cheeses and pepper, normally eaten with pasta.
We have over ten different flavors of arancina and are constantly being developed in order to satisfy new customers!

Mondo Arancina uses the freshest ingredients and prides itself on making food quickly and readily available for the on-the-go person in Rome.
The arancina are made in the traditional Sicilian style and make sure to keep the oil constantly changed.
We not only offer Arancina, but we also have a large selection of baked goods, ranging from pizzas to hotdogs.
These are changed every day to ensure that our customers are satisfied.
Mondo Arancina also functions as a delivery service, operating with the app Moovenda Roma, which will take your food to your doorstep!
We invite you to come taste the traditional Sicilian cuisine, made by our very own, from us, to you !


You can pay by credit card only for purchases over 5 €.
We are open every day from 10:00am to 0:00am.

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